Spring fashion – day 4

It was a beautiful morning again with clear skies and a warming trend that pushed temperatures into the upper 70s. The weather has been great for the shoot, but the forecasters say we might get violent storms again this weekend. The shoot went very well and there may be one or two more contenders for the cover. The fashion editor was right – the dresses we shot today were very splashy.

Tomorrow we will see the final film and I’ll write more about the shoot and what’s its like working all day with fashionable women (did I mention that I’ve been the only guy involved in this project?)

Today, though, I’ve run out of time to write much more about fashions. I worked late this evening after I was recruited to edit photos for a special section The Sentinel is publishing this weekend from the coverage of Sunday’s devastating tornadoes. When a story of this magnitude hits, everyone at the newspaper works a little harder to get the job done. My contribution has been small compared to other photographers on the staff. Joe Burbank is sunburned from being out in the field the last three days covering the aftermath and the presidential visit. Another photographer has spent enough time in helicopters that I think he might have a start towards a pilot’s license.

But I’m home now and in need of some real time with my family. Fashions can wait until tomorrow.

Tom Burton

originally published on February 26, 1998 on digitalstoryteller.com

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