Blog 1998

“Behind the Viewfinder” was an internet journal started in 1998. Fritz Nordengren invited a small group of photojournalists he had read on an AOL message board to contribute their thoughts on their work and the daily life of a news photographer.

It wasn’t called a blog because that term hadn’t been coined. We just wrote posts, sent pictures to Fritz and he put it on the web. It was fun and it was adventurous.

The project was planned to last a year but pushed on about twice that long. Since then, the student photographer on the blog is a working professional. The senior contributor has retired and he’s not the only one. Fritz is still online but focused on education. And despite an epilogue post I wrote for Behind the Viewfinder declaring my dedicated disinterest in photo management, I’ve been a photo editor for more than 10 years.

These are some of the posts I contributed when the information superhighway was on AOL dial up. They aren’t formatted exactly like the originals, but the basic content is the same.

Tom Burton