Creativity – A Little More Action, Please

When we say creative, we really mean imaginative or innovative. We rarely attach creative to its root word “create.” If we did, we would consider a carpenter or an assembly line worker at… Continue reading

Windy Day

An unusually cool and windy day gave me a subject for playing with a new iPhone app called Hipstamatic. I love the CameraBag app and still use it a lot but I can… Continue reading


A recent overcast day.

Haiti Captures Our Souls

Good assignments help photographers grow. On occasion, a story can change you in a profound way. For many photographers, Haiti is that story.

Years ago, I was a student at the first Platypus Workshop and Roger Richards was one of my team members. At the time, he was working for the Washington Times and had covered a number of crisis regions. He asked me if I had even been to Haiti and at the time, I hadn’t. He said I had to go. And he said, with an urgency in his voice, that unless I’d been there I couldn’t really understand it.

Moon Over Orlando

Seen out the car window on the way to work.

On Broadway

Adrenaline, a sign, a place. Energy needed for the changes ahead.