Taller Than You Think

Last week, my lovely wife had a health screening at work. They checked her blood pressure, did some blood tests and had her step on the scales. Everything was good and she had… Continue reading

Surprising Beauty, Found Decay

Two photos made moments apart. Unplanned, unexpected beauty.  Worn, weathered decay.

The New Platypus

In 1999, Dirck Halstead and PF Bentley hosted the first Playtpus Workshop, a program designed to train still photographers in the techniques of video production. It was primarily a group of experienced photojournalists,… Continue reading

Fly on the Wall

So here’s another metaphor (idiom?) that bugs me. At a  conference the accomplished, talented photojournalists talk about how they approach their subjects. They talk about how they want to fade into the background… Continue reading


Late afternoon sunlight, empty lobby, large palm tree.

Hitting the Wall

At the Daytona International Speedway when you hit the wall, there’s no hiding it. At the very least, there is scraped paint.  Sometimes bent metal or a wrecked car. In “creative” works we… Continue reading

Danica and the Fans

This photo of Danica Patrick after her first official stock car race is goofy in a fun way because of the guy on the left side of the photo, pushing his way in… Continue reading

Commuting: Photos Out the Window

During my 20-minute commute to and from work, I usually listen to a podcast or ponder work projects. Sometimes when stopped at light, something looks cool and I make a photo with my… Continue reading

Chopping Onions and Weak Metaphors

Just finished making Mexican food for dinner and chopped lots of veggies, including some onion. Sliced a big yellow onion from top to bottom and you know what? In the middle, it was… Continue reading