Two Feathers

Two feathers

I found a white feather on the lawn. From a distance, I thought it was a piece of litter left over from trash pick-up, but when I picked it up it was a nearly perfect feather. No tears and spotlessly white.

I was out the door on the way to work so I put the feather in the car and went to work. Less than 30 minutes later, I was walking into the office and saw another feather on the ground. This was a rough, tattered blue jay feather.  And I picked it up.

Two feathers during a daily commute. It seemed like a inspired moment for photos but it’s been weeks ago and I just now got around to it. I need to be better at jumping on the moment.

The white feather I found first

The white feather in b/w

The blue jay feather I found second

There is very little color in this photo, but I didn't like it when I made it true b/w

The underside of the blue jay feather is much darker.

The feathers together, in b/w

Two feathers. The color and stripes of the blue jay feather shows better here.