Taller Than You Think

Last week, my lovely wife had a health screening at work. They checked her blood pressure, did some blood tests and had her step on the scales. Everything was good and she had zero health risks. But there was one unexpected result. Her height was off.

For all of her adult life Susan said she was five foot two, but the exam had different results. She’s actually five foot three. She’s taller than she thought and since the national average height for women is five foot four, we’re joking that she’s not short any more.

Her newly realized tallness made me think about other preconceptions we have about ourselves. Susan had been measured in high school and obviously she grown since then. He ideas about her height were based on old information.

How many people believe things they were told as kids and never challenge them? Some were told they can’t sing or draw or write well and they live their lives never trying because they don’t believe they can. They don’t stop to think that maybe they’ve grown since then and that the really can do those things.

Creative people can’t be stuck on negative things someone told them in the past. Creative solutions are positive, based on growth and the ideas move forward. We may be weak at something today, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get better.  You could be taller thank you think.