Creativity – A Little More Action, Please

Ft. Lauderdale, FL. photo by Tom Burton, November 2009

When we say creative, we really mean imaginative or innovative. We rarely attach creative to its root word “create.” If we did, we would consider a carpenter or an assembly line worker at an auto plant creative because they create, don’t they? The value of actually making something shouldn’t be underestimated. There is a concrete result.

I am as bad as anyone of having fanciful ideas that I never act on. And there are plenty of excuses. I get busy with other things. The timing isn’t right. Or perhaps worse of all, I start thinking of all the reasons why something will go wrong.

That’s why I want it to be important to work into some kind of habit where I make something on a regular schedule, regardless of my preparedness.  When I was a street photographer, I had assignments every day where I had a real, tactile result – a photograph. Today, my work as an editor has less tangible results. Instead, I point to my “fingerprints” on a project that someone else actually created.

I am feeling more of a need to, as Elvis would say, have a “little less conversation and a little more action please.” I work in an industry that is stalled and sometimes I feel like I have the same issues.

So, every day, I hope to do at least one of these things;

  • make a photo
  • write something interesting
  • learn something (making brain cells)
  • have an interesting conversation
  • make a drawing
  • make something