It’s hip to be square

The Hisptamatic app for camera phones as become such a trendy cell-phone photography app it has inspired a gallery show. Mashable reports that a UK gallery is staging an exhibit. What weirds me… Continue reading


Especially when I’m traveling, I like to make photos of signs. Usually ones that baffle me a bit. Like, how fine is the food at the Cedar Lanes bowling alley?

Two Feathers

I found a white feather on the lawn. From a distance, I thought it was a piece of litter left over from trash pick-up, but when I picked it up it was a… Continue reading

Soccer and photojournalism: playing on the same field

World Cup has been great to watch with some truly amazing matches. Great players came prepared for the chance of making creative, assertive decisions that make or break the game. In a fraction… Continue reading

Crowdsourcing Jupiter

There‚Äôs celestial excitement brewing because Jupiter has lost a belt. In addition to the famous red spot, Jupiter has two wide stripes that circle the planet and the Southern belt is gone. Apparently… Continue reading

Beach Nostalgia With an iPhone

A recent long weekend at the beach meant relaxing and having some fun. I did shoot a good number of photos with my regular DSLR, but the funky ones with the iPhone have… Continue reading

Ten-Minute Intermission

Our program will resume shortly.

Spring Flowers

It’s getting warmer, finally.